Dear Amalia,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for challenging, changing and refocusing my clothing wardrobe and my whole approach to colour! I didn’t appreciate the changes you have made in me until I was recently out shopping for an outfit and instead of looking at all the fashion in every store, at a scan of each shop, I was able to quickly identify if they carried clothing in “my” colours, shapes and styles and only try on those outfits. I saved so much time and angst in what would previously have been a very painful and arduous process. I found an outfit in record time (for me) and came away completely happy!

I was really nervous about opening up my cupboards and having you “cleans” my wardrobe, but it was a completely positive eye opening experience!

Learning why I get compliments every time I wear certain outfits, what styles work for my body shape – you were able to combine separate pieces in my wardrobe in combinations that I had never thought of!

Thanks to you, I now have clothing that works in multiple seasons, fits in my colour palate and co-ordinates together – I have never had so many compliments from other people about the clothes I wear.

You are amazing, your make-over styling of me is testament to your knowledge and practical application.