Dear Amalia

You have made a huge difference to my life. Not only do my clothes mix and match but each morning I find that I have choice when preparing to go to work. I no longer go to bed and wonder what will I wear tomorrow or wake up and wonder what will I wear today!

There has been such a change in my clothing style and colours worn, that I have received many comments and have been able to pass onto them that I now have a `stylist`.

On Good Friday after Church I went to a friend’s place after church for morning tea and met someone for the first time. When she met me, she said, oh I have noticed you, you are the one with the nice clothes!

Also two people who I have always thought were very stylish, have commented on my new clothes and said, how much younger I look! My brother even said, have you a new haircut and then he remembered and said – no you have a stylist!
Actually I now feel more confident and Amalia you have given me the confidence to go shopping. Before you `did my colours` I did not like going to the shops at all and spent ages deciding on things and usually came home dejected and not able to make sensible choices.

What I love about going shopping with you, is that you seem to be able to find articles very quickly that I would not even see and then know if they will suit me.
The first time I went shopping with you, I had a budget of $500.00. In just over an hour you helped me choose a summer wardrobe to nearly the exact figure (that also suited my figure!) – starting with a new bra of course.
There are still some items on my `bucket list` and I am enjoying planning ahead with the cooler weather approaching.

I am now reading articles in the newspaper on clothes and styles!
What I have liked too, is that you have helped me buy makeup and jewellery which adds to the overall look and you are able to do this so expertly and quickly and find amazing bargains – and know what one should pay for certain items. I used to think that if it is expensive it must be good – but `it aint necessarily so!

Back to the beginning….

After my colours you then looked at my wardrobe and showed me what should go and what could maybe stay. I must admit that I have not been able to part with certain items (or if the truth be known any items – especially black – which has been my uniform for years.

The whole shopping experience has been so enjoyable and the time races by – I have finally started to understand the term retail therapy – sometimes not even able to enter a large shopping centre. From Myer to Target, from Jacquie E to Wittners, and to shops I had not heard of but that had the perfect items for my age and figure – and dare I say style!
I am definitely wearing all the items – and not one combination has gone unnoticed so I feel happier and more comfortable and outgoing in what I am wearing.
In the past I have even stayed home and not gone to events as I didn’t feel I had anything suitable to wear – but now I have a choice.

I am really looking forward to overhauling my winter wardrobe and going on another shopping spree with you.

I must admit that the sportswear track pants are too long and I have not got around to taking them up – if something fits me straight away I am more inclined to get use out of it.

I have recommended you to others and look forward very much to going shopping again with you.

Thanks ever-so-much