I had the pleasure of discovering my “beautiful face” when Amalia shared her wealth of knowledge and passion for revealing people’s natural colour palettes.

Since discovering that I am in fact a “winter” palette, when for most of my adult life (I’m 33) I had traditionally leant towards summer colours, I have experienced a kind of revelation – I can now celebrate my natural features by recognizing how a simple colour adjustment changes everything!

I have always loved my eyes and my hair. Since my Beautiful Face consultation, I have retreated to more natural tones in my hair (so while remaining on-trend, I’m no longer getting lost underneath the “trendy” locks of fluorescent purple & pink highlights amongst blondes, coppers and blacks). My eyes not only shine brighter from a simple hair colour change – coupled with the simple move to more complementary colours in my clothing, I’ve experienced a real awakening to what suits me best. I used to get comments on how nice my clothes were. Now, I get comments on how great I look in the clothes I wear! I believe this happens because my “Beautiful Face” now shines through, thanks to choosing colours that suit my natural colour palette.

Being plus-size, I am now more confident than ever, knowing the colours I wear bring out my favourite features; I don’t have so many “blah” days! At a recent wedding I went to, I had chosen a dress with the cololurs of cobalt, pale blue, black & white – these are on the winter palette. Add to that my recently adjusted hair colour, and I felt a million bucks!

Thanks, Amalia for literally opening my eyes – and helping me to see how the colours I wear really can bring out my “Beautiful Face”.