Hi Amalia,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, for your fantastic work in helping me know and understand my colours, what makes me look my best and there for feel my best and for making it such a positive experience.

I am so glad that I found out about the colour seasons earlier rather than later. After having worn the colours that don’t help to make me look my best and changing that, I have had noticed a difference in how I feel about myself, and so many people notice the difference too, they comment that I look healthier and brighter and beautiful.

I feel so much more confident in myself and it’s a wonderful feeling. I can confidently choose what to buy when I’m out shopping and just in picking out an outfit for the day has become easier, because I know that if I follow my colour swatches that I keep with me all the time now that it will all work and go together and that is so reassuring! I know I can’t go wrong. Even the changes in the colours of makeup I wear now, I can see the difference, the light in me shinning out. I look better and feel better.

It was so great to have you there to show and teach me through the colour consult and as I was trying to change the way I thought about colours. Having you there to help through the wardrobe consult was great it made things so much easier and simpler, it had always been something I told myself I would get around to but kept putting it off because it seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t know what to keep and what not to and just where to start and being able to have it not only be about the colours but the cut and style of the clothes I had and what worked for my shape and what didn’t, it was a bit scary but you made me feel comfortable and confident that I was capable of being able to make the big change and that I would be able to pick clothes from now on that make me look and feel good.

The wardrobe shopping makeover day was so great not just because it’s fun to shop but I felt confident that I wouldn’t be buying things that would stay in the cupboard unworn because I never felt that great in, it was great to have you there to pick out things that I would have over looked before because of the colour or because it wasn’t what I was used to looking for and I tried them on and I really liked them they made me feel and look really fantastic, there was lots of things that I would have picked out that you did so it was great feeling that you knew what look I was after, even having the swatches with me and being able to learn how to tell if the item that caught my eye is right or not and I was even just going by colours along the racks and then looking the she shapes and cuts that suited me I felt really great in knowing that I would and could do it, I just needed to be shown what a difference the right colours and shapes makes!

The other thing that made me feel great was that I had told you my budget and after going through my current wardrobe it was easy to see what it was that I actually need not just the fancy tops and dresses that catch your eye, we had a plan and we stuck to it, we found so much great stuff for me at the 4 shops we went to I was amazed and they were shops that are trendy and fashionable and had plenty of great stuff on sale, Glassons, Sportsgirl, Portmans and Bardot. It was great to be able to do it in one go and the strategy of putting the things I liked on hold at each and keeping track worked great so that at the end we could sit down and I could think through what I actually needed to make my wardrobe practical and fabulous at the same time and we worked really well within the budget that I had saved for of $700, buying lots of the essentials for cheap and only paying full price on a few item that I felt were worth it for the quality, I ended up with a good wardrobe that would even still work with my old clothes that we had sorted through. I came away feeling that I would be feeling great every day in what I was wearing. It’s been amazing! I feel confident, beautiful and fabulous in myself, from the inside out. It has been wonderful to change into my colours.

So truly thank you for all your advice, help and for making me feel so great!