The cosmetic makeover was a revelation, as was the colour session.

I was lucky enough to have my sister surprise me with a styling session for my 40th birthday, something I had always wanted to do but as a busy Mum, working part time and also studying, I failed to prioritise the time.

I found Amalia to be extremely informative and educated in her approach to our session. The cosmetic makeover was a revelation, as was the colour session. For years I had stuck to a “tried and tested” wardrobe and my make‐up skills were, shall we say, minimal. I now feel armed with information and knowledge that will assist me in making good, long term wardrobe decisions, based on my particular colour palette and also now appreciating how to accessorise correctly. Even the colour of my hair was scrutinised for appropriate length/colour.

Amalia spent almost a whole afternoon with me at the shops – I lost count of how many garments we tried, culminating in purchases. We visited a range of outlets, including Jackie E, Myer, Jag, Dianna Ferrari to name a few. Throughout, Amalia provided direct feedback on what suited and what did not – and more importantly the reasons why.

Overall, I can’t thank Amalia enough – I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs either a complete overhaul or some fine‐tuning. Amalia changed how I approach grooming and presenting myself, and for that I will be eternally grateful.