Dear Amalia, thanks so much for the shopping trip the other evening. It was great to see, and try on the types of clothes I should be wearing – most of them I would have walked right past. I realise now that I have always shopped for the same boring types of clothes and I’ve found it difficult to start looking at different styles.

The fashion world can seem so daunting and confusing. With 3 young children I rarely get time to browse and try things on, so now that I know what I’m aiming for, it’s so much easier and quicker and better! I can make the most of a short shopping trip. I can go shopping and know that I should be looking for skinny jeans, waistcoats, furry or chunky knitted ones especially, shorter tops, big necklaces and thick scarves. Now I love shopping and know exactly what I want and I can walk past those tops which don’t suit my body shape or are the wrong colour. I find that I’m a more focused, economical shopper. I think I buy less but I’m focussing on style rather than heaps of cheap things that aren’t really that good. I’ve realised that it’s the stylish items that make you feel good about yourself, but it’s very difficult to buy them when your confidence is low.

Thanks for your time and your honesty. It was great to know that you were truly on my side and wanted to show me clothes that are good for me, rather than on the shops side just trying to make a sale. I went back after that shopping night and bought the wooden flower necklace, and I looked again at that green dress in Myer too. I don’t have any green in my wardrobe – I will soon.

Thanks so much for the lift you’ve given Mum and I. Amalia, you have inspired and energised us to find the best clothes we can, for us. I’m still so pleasantly surprised when I see Mum sometimes – she looks so much healthier and happier in the right colour make-up. Thanks for that.

Also, when I was telling the lady at ‘diva’ (Kim, manager at Eastland) about you doing colours and shopping etc. for me she asked for your business cards to display at her shop. I said you didn’t have any and she said the best place to get them was cards/marketing. I’m not sure about any of this but thought I’d pass it on to you anyway.