Corporate Presentation

Amalia Simpson - Fashion Stylist - Corporate Presentation

As a practising lawyer, I understand the link between how you look and how you perform.

I can present to your staff on the importance of maintaining appropriate standards of dress at all times – including casual Friday!  I have presented to Melbourne law firms as part of their CPD program. It is a fun way to get a CPD point (practice management) and can help if there are any issues with suitable dress within the office. My program is based on the latest research and psychological studies and clearly identifies the link between dress and performance.

I can tailor my presentation to reflect your firm’s values and any pressing issues with staff, in a sensitive and informative way.


Amalia Simpson - Fashion Stylist

Personal Shopping

If you find shopping for yourself boring, are time poor or simply don’t know where to start, this personal shopping service will feel and be amazing.

Melbourne Fashion Stylist - Best Colours

Colour Analysis

This is the foundation of style. The fastest and easiest way to look younger, healthier and beautiful is to wear your best colours.

Wardrobe Review

Wardrobe Analysis

If you feel like you have nothing to wear and wish to learn how to use your current wardrobe better, a wardrobe review might be very useful.

Melbourne Fashion Stylist - Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

This luxurious service includes the colour analysis, a two hour personalised shopping trip (as set out in the Gold Package) & a wardrobe review.

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